What to Look for in an Industrial Plastic Shredder

by Timothy McDuffie

An industrial plastic shredder is an important machine for any organization involved in waste management. Although a shredder is used in processing different materials for producing alternative products or waste reduction, this type of machine is used in manufacturing and recycling. Moreover, a shredder can help destroy confidential business products. Due to their range of applications, plastic shredders are available in different capacities, sizes, and shapes. You can get these machines here. These are factors to help you get the right plastic shredder for your organization.

Type of Material

You should note that the type of plastic shredder you purchase is dependent on the type and quantity of material you need to process. Remember that various types of shredders are designed to process materials at a given rate and size. There are industrial plastic shredding machines with high-speed chippers. In such machines, the granulator processes the plastics.

Desired Output

When choosing the best plastic shredder, you have to determine your level of operations. That is because different facilities have different operations. For instance, some equipment may need separation of materials, whereas others need grinding and re-shredding. Thus, if the plastic material you want to process needs shredding and compression, then you should get a compactor to do the job.


You can determine the capacity of the industrial plastic shredder by calculating the amount of plastic it can process per hour. In this case, you need to take into account the density and physical size of the material and the amount that requires shredding. There is a need to consider your output to ensure you do not overuse the machine, thereby, diminishing its lifespan. Therefore, ensure you check the capacity of the machine before buying it.

Feed Type

You should note that plastic shredders have automatic and manual feeds. The manual shredders have a hopper that can be hand-fed. However, if the material used is bulky, then you can use a forklift. On the other hand, automatic plastic shredder has a conveyor that provides a regular and constant supply of materials.

Operational Concerns

As you choose the best industrial plastic shredder, you need to consider your operations and the environment of your organization. Ideally, you need to factor in the location of the shredder and scope of use. Remember that the amount of noise generated or fumes can cause environmental problems.


The truth is that maintaining industrial plastic shredders can be quite challenging. That is because of their huge production output. Thus, you should come up with a maintenance schedule to ensure the machine works at the optimal level. When choosing your machine, you should pay attention to the frequency of servicing and maintenance.

There are different things to consider when selecting an industrial plastic shredder. Remember that you want a machine that suits your needs and it is still cost-effective. Therefore, you need to gather a lot of information and carry out adequate research to help you make the right decision. You need to look at the design and capacity of the shredder and determine whether it matches the goals of your business.

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