Issues to Avoid When Dealing with CNC Machinery

by Timothy McDuffie

CNC machining is a subtractive process that removes material parts from an object until a particular shape is achieved. It involved different techniques like CNC milling, drilling, and turning. These processes vary, and the types of machines used are different. The machinery needed for machining parts is quite expensive, and some CNC machine shop owners opt for used machines. Like new machines, used devices are still beneficial in industries; however, great care must be given to keep them running. In this extract, we discuss the mistakes to avoid when dealing with used CNC machines.

Common Mistakes Made When Dealing With Used CNC Machines

Most used machinery can still function as desired, but some problems may be there initially or arise in the future due to several mistakes made. They include;

1. Buying an unserviceable machine

Considering the machine has been in use for a while, it’s important to service it. Just because a device is functioning well doesn’t mean it’s fit for continued use. After confirming the machine is working well, assess its parts and determine if they are readily available. A good machine must be serviceable by the Orginal Equipment Manufacturer in case of any malfunction. If not, the device is not worth buying since repairing it will be much more expensive due to the unavailability of spare parts or a skilled expert to fix it.

2. Getting a machine with outdated controls

In the manufacturing industry, new and modern technologies often come up. Used CNC machines may have controls that are no longer in use. Therefore there is no compatibility with modern software; hence it cannot function as intended. It’s possible to replace the controls with current ones; however, part replacement is often expensive; thus, buying the machine in the first place is useless. Before purchasing the device, get it inspected by a certified technician to rule out the possibility of having outdated controls.

3. Poor maintenance after buying

Always remember that a used machine requires more maintenance than a new one. Regular care prolongs its life span, and the machine serves you for longer. Ask the seller of any previous maintenance processes to see if there were any problems. Once the machine leaves the shop, regular cleaning and lubrication of parts are vital. Failure to oil the parts causes wear and tear, and the machine can break down altogether. Also, dirt can build up from all the manufacturing; hence cleaning is necessary.

4. Not checking the electronic and wiring components

A significant drawback with used machines is underlying problems that you may not be aware of initially. You may be excited about the device and how it works and not bother inspecting its interior. Later, it begins to fail, and you suffer losses. Before carrying the machine out of the store, have its wiring checked, find out if it was changed and if the electronics are in good condition.


CNC used machines are affordable but remember to check every detail before giving your money. Get a technician to inspect the controls, wiring, and all electronic components. After making a purchase, proper maintenance is required for the machine to keep operating. It’s advisable to tag along with a CNC machine expert if you don’t understand how they work or the important details to pay attention to.

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