Checklist for Finding a Reliable CNC Milling Service

by Timothy McDuffie

Various companies offer CNC milling services. The fact that many companies are offering this service means that you can enjoy competitive prices. However, it becomes difficult to find the right cnc milling service that suits your needs. When you look for a manufacturing firm that can help you achieve your goals and meet timelines, you do not want to waste your time comparing different forms. These tips can help you choose the right service.

Consider Experience

You need to consider the experience of the CNC milling service provider. This means you should look for a company that has been in business for many years. That does not imply that new companies cannot offer high-quality services, but you are likely to benefit when you deal with companies offering in-depth manufacturing experience. Remember that experienced companies offer quality customer support and can fulfill your orders on time.

Technology Offered

The other thing to consider when choosing a CNC milling service is the technology the company offers. There are many reasons you need to pay attention to this. First, if you need 5-axis CNC machining, then there is no need of considering the 3-axis CNC service. Ensure you find out the manufacturing equipment the company has and whether it matches what you need. Secondly, you may have tight deadlines. Therefore, you should look at the different precision machining equipment they have in operation.

Look Out for Certifications

Although not all CNC milling jobs call for the need of certifications, but certifications help you determine the reputation of the service provider. For example, if you want to manufacture CNC parts for automotive and aerospace applications, you should ensure that their production facility is certified. That is also the case if you are manufacturing medical components and devices. Also, you should look for environmental and quality certifications. For instance, you should check whether the facility is ISO 9001 QMS certified.

Evaluate Lead Times

The other thing you should pay attention to is the lead time. Ideally, you want to know if the manufacturing company you choose can manufacture and deliver parts within the accepted timeframe. Usually, CNC machining shops will tell you their estimated turnaround times. You should note that this varies based on the complexity and scale of a manufacturing job.

Consider Communication

In the past, finding a reputable CNC milling company involved collecting price estimates, making calls, and searching phonebooks. The process was time-consuming and boring. With modern technology, communication is now easier. Although the internet has made it easier to find CNC milling service providers, you have to pay attention to the quality of communication. A reputable company should respond to your calls and emails promptly. As you know, communication between the manufacturer and the customer is quite important.


The other thing to consider when choosing a CNC milling service company is its location. Although there are different benefits of working with the local machining companies – as it simplifies logistics and shipping, you should also consider international companies. You may be surprised to learn that international manufacturing companies located in China offer lower production costs because of access to cheap labor and raw materials.

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