What determines the cost of plastic injection molding?

by Timothy McDuffie

If you are a manufacturing company, you are going to want to know about plastic injection molding at some point. However, this might depend largely on what you produce. However, be in no doubt, it is crucial for the manufacturing and prototype industry.

If you are interested in project injection molding, you are most likely going to want to know about it. Chief of your concerns will how much this will cost you. That’s expected. Having a budget in this fast-paced is of utmost importance. DDprototype will be happy to give you a free quote for any pending order you might have.

This article will help you to understand how much plastic injection molding costs and what really influences its price.

How much does a plastic injection mold cost?

You can expect to spend anywhere from $2500 to about $5000 for every cavity that you make with the plastic injection molding.

The total exercise of the injection molding process will likely cost you anywhere from $4000 upwards to $80,000. The true price is going to differ for every individual or business. This is going to be determined by several indicators.

Here are some of them.

1. Factory’s price

Just like in any business, the factory helping with the plastic injection molding is going to set its own price. While it probably will be similar with the prices of other factories, it might also be different.

For example, they might charge more because they have a quicker delivery date. Knowing the price set by them will have an impact on the total cost.

2. Material

You also have to consider the material that you are using. The general rule here is that some materials are generally going to make things more expensive.

A good example of this situation is fiberglass material. This material can prove to be a problem with certain injection molds. Thus, you can expect prototype companies to actually charge more if you are using this material.

3. The complexity of the process

Sometimes, how complex your plastic injection molding is will also determine the cost of the entire process. The general rule here is that the more complex the project is, the more expensive it will be.

So, if you have a difficult project, just make sure that your budget is significantly larger. This will help you take care of the extra costs that it might come with.

What Should You Next?

Once you have figured out the price of the injection molding process, then you should make a decision on whether it is worth it. Once you do, then find the best prototype company to take care of your project. One of them is DDprototype. They have the facility to make sure that your project is taken care of completely.

You simply do not have to raise a finger.


Plastic injection molding can be really important for your budget. It’s always a good idea to know the cost before diving into it. This will also allow you to plan effectively and get the best out of your resources.

It’s what every good business person does.

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